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01.10 Rnd Tubes (10 pack)
02.Tiberius 8/T9 Magazine
03.Firefox Commando Throat Mic
04.100 Round Pod
05.140 Round Pod
06.Ariakon Overlord Pistol Package
07.Ariakon ACP 2.0 Sidearm Pack
08.40 Rnd Hopper
09.12 Gram CO2 Cartridge (25 Pack)
10.Warsensor Zeus G2 + Pistol Pack
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Paintball Equipment: Ariakon Tiberius Arms Smart Parts Tippmann Paintball Gun Pistols

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Ariakon ACP 2.0 Sidearm Package

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Looking for an excellent Scenario Paintball Marker? How about great Scenario Paintball Gear? Don't know where to start? Included below is information about the military paintball equipment we specialize in and why customers choose to purchase them:

Ariakon Paintball Guns

The Ariakon SIM-4 RIS Elite paintball gun is the most popular of all Ariakon Paintball Markers. The Ariakon SIM-4 RIS Elite is a realistic military paintball gun based on the M4, with features such as an elite rail, scope, laser kit, RIS handguards, and a magazine air-through kit.

The All New Ariakon SIM-5 2.0 series paintball marker is now available, which is based on the popular MP5 military gun. The Ariakon SIM-5 Pro Elite paintball gun is sure to stand out among them.

The Ariakon Overlord Paintball Pistol Package is the most popular Ariakon paintball pistol package. Look to the left, the Ariakon Overlord is constantly in the top 10 of our best sellers. Close behind is the new Ariakon ACP 2.0 Paintball Pistol Package, which has been upgraded specifically at request of the military and law enforcement for training using tactical paintball equipment.

Smart Parts Paintball Guns
The most popular military paintball gun available from Smart Parts is the SP-8 Tactical Paintball Marker. Based on the XM8, the Smart Parts SP-8 comes in four colors and has many accessories available. It is built from the popular Smart Parts Ion.

Tippmann Paintball Gun
The Tippmann paintball gun is known for its sturdy construction and reliable performance. It can be used in a variety of environments, including special ops paintball missions. Great as a stock paintball gun, or heavily modified, both the Tippmann A-5 and Tippmann 98 Custom ACT are among the most reliable out there. The most customizable paintball gun on the market is the new Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun, with thousands of possible military paintball mods obtainable with simply replacing stock components.

Tiberius Arms Pistol
The world's first magazine fed paintball pistol is the Tiberius 8 (TAC-8/TAG-8) from Tiberius Arms. The Tiberius 8 (TAC-8/TAG-8) is selling like hot cakes for good reason. Great performance, quick reloads, and a look that kills, the Tiberius 8 comes alone or in two packages: Player's Pack | Ultimate
Be sure to check out the new rifle line, featuring the most popular Tiberius T9 Elite.

JCS MKX8 Paintball Marker
Based on the military M8 rifle, this 1:1 replica military paintball gun features a quick no-tool field strip design and is ready for upgrades. Perfect for Scenario Paintball players. Excellent performance and warranty.

Warsensor Paintball Guns
Best known for their excellent pistols, Warsensor manufactures the famous Zeus G2+ Paintball Pistol. Consistently in the Top 10 of our best sellers, the Warsensor Zeus G2+ Pack is a reliable sidearm package for the dedicated scenario paintball player. Warsensor also manufactures the only moveable slide paintball pistol in the WSP.

MilTec Paintball Guns
MilTec offers a variety of paintball rifles. They include the MT-65 M16 Paintball Marker, the MT-66 Paintball Marker, the MT-75 Paintball Marker, and MT-G3+ Paintball Marker.
MilTec's new line of paintball pistols feature the G1, G2, and G2 Elite.

New Products For February
Lapco Universal Mock Silencer
Lapco Universal Mock Silencer
Tiberius T9 Flash Suppressor
Tiberius T9 Flash Suppressor
Tiberius T9 Silencer
Tiberius T9 Silencer
Tiberius 8 Threaded Tip Barrel
Tiberius 8 Threaded Tip Barrel
Tru-Flight Milsim Barrel for A5
Tru-Flight Milsim Barrel for A5
Tiberius T9 Compression Barrel
Tiberius T9 Compression Barrel
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Tiberius No Tool CO2 Quick Puncture
a nifty little add-on that does what it says. well made and ..
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